Archival Scanning Services

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We offer affordable document and archival scanning services.


                                                     The Process

Each page is carefully scanned at high resolution. The scans are then edited, named, and saved as lossless TIFF files. Files are checked against the original for errors or legibility problems.  These scans are intended to be complete facsimiles of the original,  including the cover (inside and out), back and spine. We supply a title page which includes a description of the volume and the date it was scanned.  Special care is taken to avoid damage to the original.

We usually provide three different versions of the scans:

1) User friendly PDF file in a book-like format (right). The file sizes are reduced for fast access using typical home computers.

2 Separate JPEG page files for each page (in this example, 600 files), in reduced size for easy access.

3) Original, high-resolution TIFF files

ABOVE - An example PDF. The file opens with the title page and thumbnail page pictures in a column on the left.