Names Index-1858 Maps

All of the names on the 1858 Map of Gill have been indexed into a searchable list. The left column refers to a section of the map (eg SW = southwest), or to the Gill Center detail map. To see a legible copy of the maps just click on a map below.
Every entry in indexed, including owner names, mills, brooks, geographic and other features. There are 197 entries, of which about 150 are personal names.

SW J. Allen Est.
NE J. Arms
Gill Center J. Arms
NW Z. Atherton
Gill Center Mrs. A. Atkinson & Dr. Wright
SW Miss P. Baines
SE A. Ballard
NE A.O. Ballard
SW Mrs. Martha Ballard
SW Mrs. G? Barnes
NE N. Barrows
SW B.B. Barton
SW C.S. Bascom
NW D. Bascom
Gill Center E.L. Bascom
NE H. Bascom
SE E.L. Bascomb
Gill Center G.A. Bates
Gill Center J. Bates
Gill Center J.W. Bates
NE Bernards Hill
SW Bird track locality
SW Bird track locality
SE Black Rock
NE Rhoda Bliss
Gill Center Rhoda Bliss
SW Mrs. R. Brooks
NE H. Burrows
Gill Center N. Burrows
Gill Center J.D. Canning
NW M. Carey
NW N. Carey
NW T.J. Carey
SW D. Carter
SW Cemetery
NW Cemetery
SE E.L. Chapin
NE Cider Mill
NE E. Clapp
SW D.A. Clark
SW J. Clark
SE G. Collett
NW S.C. Conable & Mrs. M. Brooks
Gill Center Cong. Church
SW Dam/Locks
SE Darby Hill
NE A.F. Deane
NE H.W. Deane
NE J. Deane
Gill Center J. Deane
NE P. Delby
NE Distillery
SE J. Durkee
Gill Center Falls
SE Ferry
SW R. Field M.D.
SE Fine stationers sand
SE J. French
NW W. Frost
NW A ? Goodrich
NW W.E. Goodrich
NW Dea F. Green
NE Grist Mill
NE Grist Mill
Gill Center Grist Mill
Gill Center Grist Mill
NW D. Guelow
SE A.P. Hale
NW L. Hale
NE Mrs. A. Hale
NE Mrs. R. Hale
NE S.P. Hale
NW S. Harris
NW O. Hastings
NE Dr. E. Hayden
NE E. Hayden
SE C. Hayward
NE G.L. Holton
SW Horse race
SW Mrs. O. Hosley
SW C. Hosmer
SE A. Howe
SW Col. S. Howland
SW H.H. Howland
SW J.B. Hunter
SE S. Janes
Gill Center S. Janes
Gill Center E.A. Jones
NE M.R. Kenney
NW H. Kenny
SW S. Knowlton
NE J.M. Lawson
Gill Center J.M. Lawson
SW ? L. Leonard
SW Lily Pond
NE W. Louring?
SE Lower Landing
NE Dr. J. L. Lyons
Gill Center Dr. L. Lyons
SW Machine Shop
SE J.B. Marble
NE A. Martin
NE C. Martin
NW L. Martin
NE E. Martindale
NE P. Martrell
SW May 18th 1676
Gill Center Mrs. M? Merrick
NE Meth Ch
Gill Center Meth Church
SW E ? B ? Morgan
SE Morgans
NE L.P. Munn
NE S. Munn
NE Munns Ferry
NE Mrs. M. OLerrick
NW Otter Pond
NE Otter Pond Brook
NE Otter Run
NW N. Pantas
NE R. Park Jr.
Gill Center Parsonage
SE S. Paul?
Gill Center Post Office
NE E.O. Purple
Gill Center H.R. Purple
NE J.S. Purple
NE P.P. Purple
Gill Center P.P. Purple
Gill Center R. Purple
NE R. Purple
NE J. Richards
Gill Center J. Richards
SW Mrs. B. Roberts
SW S. Robinson
NW Sawmill
NE Sawmill
Gill Center Sawmill
Gill Center Sawmill
SE School
SW School
SW School
NE School
NE School
Gill Center School
NW B. Scott
NW C. Scott
SW Z. Scott
Gill Center E. Seaver
NE F. Seaver
SW A. Severance
NE A. Severance
NE H. Severance
Gill Center H. Severance
NE O. Severance
SW P. ? Sheabel
SE Sheep Den Cave
SE Shingle Mill
Gill Center Shingle Mill & Pail Shop
Gill Center Shoe Store
Gill Center B.S. Shop
SE P. Slate
NW N. Smith
SE H.G. Stacy
SE Stacys Mountain
NE F. Stockwell
NE A. Stoughton
NE I. Stoughton
SW T.M. Stoughton
SW T.M. Stoughton
SW T.M. Stoughton
NE Stoughtons Rocks
NE H.H. Stratlon
SE A.M. Stratton
Gill Center H.H. Stratton
Gill Center S. Stratton
SE S.P. Stratton
NE Rev. H.Smith & A. Streeter
NW W. Strickland
NW A. Tanner
Gill Center Tannery
NE J.A. Tenny
NW G R Thompson
SW Town Farm
SW Turners Battle Ground
Gill Center Unadilla Brook
Gill Center Union Store
SE H. White
SE J. White
NE J. Wilder
SW F. Williams
NW X. Williams
SW Wire Ferry
SW G. Wyatt
SW R. Wyatt

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