Town Maps

Here you can see low-resolution copies of the Town maps. You will not be able to read the fine details like homeowner names,  but you can see roads and map coverage.

1794 Hoit, David 1794 Hoit Map
1830 Root, Elisha 1830 Root Map
1855 French & Clark Clark Map
1858 Walling, H.F. Walling Map
1871 Beers, F.W. Beers Map
1884 Walker, Geo. 1884 Walker Map
1891 Walker, Geo. Walker Atlas Map
1894 United States Geological Survey Old Topographic Map
1918 Richards, L.J., & Son Richards Atlas Map
1924 Franklin County Commissioners County Road Index Map
1942 F. Deane Avery? Linen ca. 1942
1980 Greenfield DPW Public Works Road Map
1998 United States Geological Survey Topographic Map
2003 Greenfield GIS Composite Tax Map

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