Village Maps

Here we have low-resolution copies of the Greenfield Village maps. You will not be able to read the fine details like owner names,  but you can see roads and map coverage. To see the full-size maps (24″ x 36″) , visit the Greenfield Public Library.

1852   Presdee & Edwards Map       Presdee & Edwards
1852   Judah Map                           T. D. Judah
1855   Clark Wall Map;                  French & Clark
1858   Walling Map                         H.F. Walling
1871   Beers Atlas                            F.W. Beers
1884   Walker Atlas Maps               Geo. H. Walker
1895    Miller Map                            D.L. Miller & Co
1914   Clapp & Abercrombie map    Clapp & Abercrombie
1918   Richards Composite Map      Richards Map Company
1980   Street Map                              Town of Greenfield
2003   Tax Map Outlines                  Town of Greenfield

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