Here you can see reduced-size copies of the detailed town maps.
Click on a map to see more.  The large prints are available at the library, as are some other old maps of the  area.

(See list below)

1729 Allen, David 2 Mile Addition – 3 Towns
1730 Dwight, Timothy Part of Sunderland
1794 Bowman, William 1794 Town Plan
1830 Darling, E.S. 1830 Town Plan
1858 Walling, H.F. Walling Map
1871 Beers Beers Atlas Map
1893-5 USGS Old Topographic Map
1909 Richards Richards Highway Map
1924 Franklin County Commissioners County Road Index Map
1990 Town of Leverett Tax Map Composite
1990 Gibavic, Annette Old Sites Map
1997 USGS Topographic Map
2005 Arrow Map Co. Arrow Road Map

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