1858 Names Index

All of the names on the 1858 Map of Wendell have been indexed into an alphabetical list. There are actually three maps:  Town, Wendell Center, & Wendell Depot.  (Wen, WC, WD).
The right column refers to an area on the Town map (eg SW = southwest) or two small village maps.
Every entry in indexed: owner names, mills, brooks, geographic and other features. There are 205 entries, of which about 150 are personal names. There are 20 mill sites and manufacturies, 4 stores and 9 schools listed. (Some may be duplicate entries, as each map has been indexed. Buildings in  Wendell Center, for example, may be on that map as well as the Town map).
Special thanks are due to Wendell historian Pam Richardson for preparing this list.





Aldrich G.D. Wen SE
Ames Eli Wen SW
Anderson Miss F.A. Wen NW
Arms J.C. Wen SE
Armstrong L. Wen NW
Armstrong M. Wen SW
Austin J. Wen NW
B.S. Shop Wen NE
B.S. Shop WC SE
B.S. Shop WC SE
B.S. Shop Wen SE
Bachelde[r] W.D. Wen NE
Baker L. Wen NE
Ball Rev. J. Wen SW
Ballard D. Wen SW
Bapt. Church WC SE
Bear Hill Wen NW
Beckwith Wen SW
Beman F. Wen SW
Benjamin I. Wen NW
Benjamin Mrs. A. Wen NW
Brewer S. Wen SW
Brook [Brook’s] T.D. WC SE
Brooks Store J. WC SE
Brown J.C. WD NE
Bullard A. Wen SW
Bullard S. Wen NE
Burgess S. Wen SE
Burton Dr. D. Wen NE
Butler S. Wen SE
Cannon Mrs. Wen SE
Caswell T. Wen SE
Caswell T. Wen SE
Cemetery Wen SW
Cemetery WC SE
Cemetery Wen SE
Chandler A. Wen SW
Chittendon O. WC SE
Clark A. Wen SE
Clark C. & J.[F?] Wen NE
Clark J. Wen NE
Clark J.E. WC SE
Clark W. Wen NE
Colyer M. Wen NW
Cong. Church WC SE
Cong. Parsonage WC SE
Darling C.W. Wen SW
Davis O. Wen NW
Depot WD NE
Dexter A. Wen SW
Dirth S.C. Wen NW
Dresser R. Wen SW
Drury E. Wen SE
Drury S. Wen NE
Dry House Wen SE
E.Stone & D. Austin Wen NE
Ellis A. WC SE
Farnum Wen NE
Felton C. Wen SE
Felton E. Wen SE
Fisher A. Wen NE
Fisk S. Wen SW
Fisk Wen SE
Fisk & Willis Wen SE
Fiske J. Wen SW
Fiske L. Wen SE
Fiske Jr J. Wen SE
Fisks Saw & Shingle Mill Wen SW
Flagg L.F. Wen SW
Fleming A. Wen NW
Fleming F.K. WC SE
Fleming F.K. WC SE
Fleming G.W. WC SE
Fleming O. Wen NW
Fleming W. Wen NW
Freelove G.R. Wen NW
French S. WC SE
Gates D. Wen NE
Gates E. Wen SW
Gates E.L. Wen NE
Gould G. Wen NW
H[owe?] or Hin[?]e T. Wen NW
Harper Mrs. Wen SE
Harris D.B. Wen SE
Hathaway C. Wen SE
Hathaway Miss P. Wen SE
Heirs of J. Green WC SE
Hildreth W. Wen SW
Howe [?] Wen NW
Howe [J?] [T?] Wen NW
Howe C. Wen NW
Howe F. WC SE
Howe J. Wen
Howe J. Wen NW
Howe Miss L. WC SE
Howe T. Wen SE
Howe’s Saw & Shingle Mill [T?] Wen NW
Hunt C. Wen SE
Jennison L.F. Wen SE
Johnson J. & W.C. Wen SE
Johnson, L.N. A. Wen NE
Lavery D. Wen NE
Leach A. Wen SW
Leach G. Wen SE
Leach L. WC SE
Leach L. WC SE
Leach W. Wen NE
Leonard L. Wen NE
Locke E. Wen SE
Locke E. Wen SE
Locke E. Wen SW
Macomber S. Wen SE
Merchants C. Wen NW
Millers River WD NE
Moore J. Wen NW
Needham J. Wen SW
Needham J. Wen SW
Needham Ruth Wen SW
Needham Ruth WC SE
Oakes B. Wen SW
Oakes W.E.S. Wen SW
Osborne L. Wen NE
Osgood N. Wen NW
Parker Dr. D. Wen NW
Phelps H. Wen NE
Phelps H. Wen SW
Phelps Cha[r?] & Saw Mill Wen NE
Powers T.J. Wen SE
Pratt A. Wen SW
Pratt L. Wen SW
Putnam A. Wen SE
Putnam W. Wen SE
Rand J. Wen NE
Raymond C. Wen NE
Reynolds & Stebbins Wen NE
Robinson Wen NE
Rogers A. WC SE
Ross Betsy Wen SW
Ross J. Wen NW
Ross N. Wen SE
Ruggles S.O. Wen SW
Sanderson J. Wen SE
Saw Mill Wen NE
Saw Mill Wen NE
Saw Mill Wen SE
Saw Mill Wen SE
Saw Mill & Piano Leg Mfy. Wen NE
Sawin T.E. Wen SE
Sawyer C. Wen NE
Sawyer J. Wen SE
Sawyer L. WC SE
School Wen NW
School Wen NW
School WD NE
School Wen NE
School Wen NE
School Wen SW
School WC SE
School Wen SE
School Wen SE
Shipman Wen SE
Shoe Shop WC SE
Smith N. Wen NW
Soule I.& O.H. Wen NW
Spear & Putnam WD NE
Spear & Putnam WD NE
Spear & Putnam Saw & Grist Mill WD NE
Stebbins W. Wen SW
Stebbins, Jr. W. Wen SW
Sto[ck?] or St[ave?] Wen NE
Stone C. Wen NE
Stone D. Wen NE
Stone J.E. Wen NE
Stone L. Wen NW
Stone M. Wen SE
Stone Est. C. Wen NE
Stone’s Saw Mill L. Wen NW
Store WC SE
Store & P.O. WD NE
Store & P.O. WC SE
Stratton E. Wen SE
Strong W. Wen NW
Strong W. Wen NW
Switzer N. Wen NW
Taft, Miss Sarah WC SE
Taylor A. Wen SW
Thayers Steam Mill Russell Wen SW
Town Hall WC SE
Truesdale R. Wen SW
Turning Shop Wen SW
Washburn W.C. WD NE
Whetstone Brook Wen NE
Whitaker A. Wen SE
Whitaker J.A. Wen SE
Wickett Brook Wen NW
Wickett Brook Wen NW
Wikett [sic] Pond Wen SW
Wilder D. Wen SE
Wilder J. Wen SW
Williams H. Wen SE
Williams O. Wen SW
Willis H. Wen SE
Willis, Oil Distiller H. Wen SE
Wyman L. Wen SW
Wyman L. Wen SW
Wyman L. Wen SW

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