Archival Scanning Services

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Business Files 

Take back your office space!

Digitizing office files makes hard to find documents easier to access.

Why Scan?

To reduce the physical size of your business or personal files, which allows you to use one filing cabinet instead of 10.  You can now access your old documents quickly and print out only the pages you need.

How is it done?

1.   We prep documents by removing staples, unfolding and arranging in chronological order if requested.

2.   Label categories of documents to be scanned for easy retrieval later.

3.   Scan documents with accuracy and consistency, and check for errors or legibility problems.


You can bring your files to our office in Greenfield, or arrange for us to pick them up for a small fee.

How much?

Much of the cost of our services comes from document preparation. Preparing the documents yourself can save money, and we're always happy to walk you though the process.

Call or email us for a free quote.



We offer the following three standard options, which are flexible based on your needs and budget.

1. CD/DVD with raw scans.

2. CD/DVD with formatted image sets. Arranged as PDFs, hierarchical folders, or with an HTML index.


3. CD/DVD as in options 1 or 2, and additionally a thumbnail booklet.


We also are able to provide users with images via web or ftp, and can assist in the setup of an online cataloging system.