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Converting old documents and books to
digital format for preservation and easy access.


We are pleased to offer  high quality and affordable archival scanning services
to municipalities, libraries, historical societies and anyone who needs to preserve their old documents at low cost.


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Benefits of Archival Scanning:

- Preservation. Our full-color scans insure that the original information is saved forever. Should the original be lost or damaged, a facsimile can be easily re-created.

- Less handling. Copies can be quickly made from scans, not the bulky original.

- Avoid costly restoration.  Most restoration done today is preventative - to avoid future damage to old books by excessive handling.   If handling is limited by scanning, then the need for restoration is lessened.

- Off-site storage of originals. Original documents can be filed in a more secure, archival facility, since the digital copy is now available for public use.

- Improved public access - Students of early town history can acquire copies of the CDs for use off-site, requiring less work for Town officials /librarians.

- Improved legibility - You can zoom in to a hard-to-read word to make it more legible.  Also, scans can be electronically enhanced to improve legibility.

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Business Files Family Documents Town Ledgers Maps / Plans Archival Process Contact
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