It’s summer 2010 and a delightful wooden creature has sprung up in the hills of Vermont. This unofficial site features photos of Vermontasaurus – the scrap-wood dinosaur from Post Mills, a small village near Lake Fairlee.  The links above take you to more pictures and links to media stories.

Here’s Brian Boland, guardian and creator of Vermontasaurus, on a sunny July day.

The wooden creature was built of scrap wood in June of 2010, on the grounds of the Post Mills airport, where gliders and small propeller planes land on a quiet grassy airstrip.  Brian and his pals assembled large piles of junk wood and with hammers and nails  fashioned the scraps into this 122 foot long piece of art!   (Is it?).


It looks rickety, but it is in fact quite rigid.  Vigorous shaking of a protruding piece of dinosaur scalp could not make the creature shake on a mid-July visit.  Brian refers to himself as an “artist”, but he and his collaborators have engineering in their breeding. This structure is well built.

The four legs of Vermontasaurus are heavy posts set deep into the ground with a backhoe.


It’s an intimidating structure!

But not as intimidating as the long arm of the law perhaps. It remains to be seen whether Vermontasaurus, well built as it is, can survive the powers of government.  Various authorities are not standing by idly while Brain and his friends have fun with this sculpture!

Stay tuned.

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