This site is sponsored by  “Old Maps” a business which reproduces historical maps of Vermont and other New England states.
When we wander about Vermont looking for customers for our maps we always find something interesting – like the site of the first scrap wood dinosaur ever created in Vermont (we think.)

Here’s one of our old maps – the area where the Vermontasaurus lives – Post Mills, a village within the Town of Thetford.   The year was 1877 (before the Age of This Dinosaur).

Click on the map to see a more legible copy.  The airport / dinosaur lair is near the land labelled “C.F. Guild Coffins & Caskets” on this old map (right center).
On the lower left of the map is a major mill site – Chubb’s Fishing Rod Factory.  Parts of this old mill (recently demolished) are reputed to be used in Vermontasaurus.