The Museum

There’s more than a wooden dinosaur at the Post Mills airport. In a large building across the airstrip from Vermontasaurus there is a “Museum” of random stuff – an amazing collection of human artifacts (no paleolithic material).  You can peek into the open bays of this long low barn and see a Model T, old hot air balloon baskets, farm implements, and the kitchen sink (not seen on our July visit, but it must be there somewhere).

Hot air balloon baskets, a microbus (it’s not a VW), a sombrero, a propeller and canteens….

A motorized gas grill- this was made by some of the elves at the museum, you can’t buy this rig in a store.


Its a car – its a scooter – its a ????.  You can’t buy this in a store either, but Brian might sell you one of his 3 wheeled “whatsits”.  We don’t know what to call it but it seems to be street-legal, witness the Vermont license plate.