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Vermont Lotting Plans   - Where are They?

Most Vermont towns have ancient "lotting plans" - maps showing the original land divisions of the late 1700s.
These maps are hard to come by, and are sometimes unknown to local historians and researchers. The original maps and their copies are located in various archives and town halls. This site is intended to help people locate copies of these important early maps.  

Major Collections of Vermont Lotting Plans
1) Forests and Parks   - 300 +-
Most complete set - 2nd and 3rd generation copies, many altered scale etc
2) Vermont Historic Society  200+-
Dewart photostats, Crafts and Chandler books
3) State Archives
Whitelaw papers and plans; copies of Crafts,  Chandler, and Forests and parks plans
4) Agency of Transportation

|5) University of Vermont - Special Collections
Original Dewart tracings ??; John Johnson papers (Burlington)

The original plans are presumably located (if they still exist) in the various town halls. However several state institutions have acquired copies over time and these copies are accesible to the public.

Vermont Towns

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